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The Cosmic Cube Saga

Marvel Super Heroes Revised

The Monday Night Heroes face off against Hydra robots, Dire Wraiths, and other dangers of the Marvel Universe.

Part 1: Dread of the Dreadnoughts

An attack by Hydra robots and a missing pirate map lead a small group of heroes to a mystery with galactic consequences.

Dread of the Dreadnoughts 1

Dread of the Dreadnoughts 3

Dread of the Dreadnoughts 2

Dread of the Dreadnoughts 4

Part 2: Dawn of the Dire Wraiths

The threat is revealed! An enclave of Dire Wraiths is discovered to be behind the theft of a centuries old map that allegedly reveals the location of a cosmic cube. 

Dawn of the Dire Wraiths 1

Dawn of the Dire Wraiths 2

Dawn of the Dire Wraiths 3

Dawn of the Dire Wraiths 4

Part 3: Enter the Centre

Our heroes are transported through space to a mysterious starship graveyard where Kaluu senses a pair of cosmic powers.

Enter the Centre Part 1

Enter the Centre Part 2

Enter the Centre Part 3

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