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Microphones of Madness

Hosts Steve and Rodney discuss books, movies, comics, and RPG related topics in a casual and tongue-in-cheek style. Below is a selection of some of our favorite episodes. For more, subscribe to Microphones of Madness on the podcast provider of your choice.

Cyberfunk Part 1: Steve and Rodney begin a story-by-story breakdown of this exciting anthology from MVMedia.

Ironsworn: Steve and Rodney examine the GM-less and Solo Play options of the Ironsworn RPG.

Cyberfunk Part 2: Steve and Rodney continue their exploration of the post-Singularity world of Cyberfunk from MVMedia.

Agent of the Imperium: The fellas check Mark Millar's novel of the Traveller universe.

Impossible Landscapes: The Madmen discuss this King In Yellow inspired campaign for Delta Green.

Eda Blessed II: Steve and Rodney look at Milton Davis' second collection of Omari Ket tales.

Mork Borg: We sing the Doom Song as we examine the rules-lite phenomenon.

The Jewel in the Skull: The Madmen hit the classics with the first in the Hawkmoon series.

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