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Open the Eternity Compendium

Recently, I made an attempt to record myself playing Ironsworn, but the exercise felt a little futile. As a player and GM, my style tends to lean toward playing off the other people at the table so carrying an entire session live and alone was a bit overwhelming. However, my initial experiments with solo role-playing games have been fun and I wanted to find a way to share that fun with y'all.

So here it is, The Eternity Compendium, a realm of adventure and high strangeness that will allow me the opportunity to share some fun with you and to keep dust from gathering on my writing skills (such as they are). To begin this new feature on the site, I'm going to restart my Ironsworn game here.

Instead of recapping sessions based on notes, I plan to compose the entries as I play with a mix of in-character narration and mechanical notes such as die rolls and oracle results. I will skip things like generating NPC and place names.

Enough talking about it, let's do it! Coming soon: Ironsworn- Last Rites Chapter 1

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