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Ironsworn: Last Rites 2

When last we left Ubba he had encountered as woman named Leela in the marshes of The Flooded Lands. He had tried to assist her in setting up camp, but failed. Something seemed to be weighing on Leela's mind and after Ubba drifted off into a restless sleep, she took Master Jihan's sword and fled into the marsh.

[We will begin this session with a Gather Information move to see if Ubba picks up Leela's trail. Roll Wits: 6+1=7 vs 2,7 a weak hit. Something has complicated or made our quest more dangerous. I have an idea, but let's ask the oracle to see if something more interesting comes up.

What we ended up with was "clash"/ "resist" which plays into what I was already thinking.]

I stumble around the campsite looking for tracks, but the marsh had swallowed any indication of her passing. I search the campsite for clues and discover a scrap of paper she had been attempting to use as kindling to light the fire: a note written in a sloppy hand.

If you want to see your husband again, bring the deed to your farmstead to Mournstone Bridge in three days time.

Is Leela planning to trade Master Jihan's sword to the kidnappers or fight them with it? Either way time was running out. I don't know how far away Mournstone Bridge is, but I need to catch up to her.

[Move- Undertake A Journey... Roll +Wits 4+1=5 vs. 5, 6 a miss. Ubba's unlucky streak continues...

Pay the Price: Our initial roll was 99 which was to roll twice more and apply both results. We are separated from something or someone. (Obviously, Leela) and it is stressful. We will have to Endure Stress.

Endure Stress: A strong hit. We embrace the darkness and trudge on, but we gain an additional momentum.

Undertake a Journey...Roll +Wits 3+1=4 vs 2,7 a Weak Hit we reach a waypoint but lose a supply.

Ask the Oracle: Is our waypoint catching up to Leela. She has a bit of a head start but it's unlikely. 17 No.]

It is slow going through the marsh. I plod along, uncertain as to what is solid ground and what is just a dense clump of water plants. A few slips leave me thoroughly soaked, but eventually the marsh gives way to a river bank. Thankfully, there are no clouds in the sky today and the sunlight does warm me some, but I'll need to find a dry place to camp. Never have I wanted to smell a barn so much.

[We are going to attempt another Gather Information move to see if we can pick up Leela's trail now that the terrain has changed some. Roll +Wits 3+1=4 vs 1, 10. A weak hit. ]

It does not take long for me to discover what I think are Leela's tracks in the sand of the riverbank, but hers were not the only tracks...

[Ask the Oracle: Are the tracks human? 50/50 chance. 50 No.

Gather Information to discover what sort of tracks they are. 6+1= 7 vs 1,7 a weak hit. The danger grows. The tracks belong to...]

Jihan taught me many things in my time with him. One of those things was to be able to recognize the creatures of the world by their tracks. I recognize the tracks as belonging to a boar, a fact that brings a modicum of relief. Boars are dangerous, but the likelihood of it stalking her was next to nothing. Thank Ferron! I continue my pursuit, now cautious of the potential danger between her and I.

[Undertake A Journey Roll +Wits 2+1=3 vs. 5, 4 a miss. We have enough momentum to burn to make a strong hit, but we know there is a boar between Ubba and Leela. It makes more sense to encounter the boar. Which we will do in the next session!]

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